About Goggle Grip

About Goggle Grip® The Goggle Grip® concept originated in the summer of 1999. The original idea for Goggle Grip came directly from the Personal Watercraft Racing Circuit (aka: Jet Ski). Racers were having problems keeping goggles on their helmets because the goggle strap slipped off the helmet due to excess water spray. In 2001, the first Goggle Grip order shipped out for national and worldwide distribution. Goggle Grip quickly became a must-have product in the PWC racing community. Other Goggle Grip versions have since been released. The new Goggle Grip Mini and Micro are designed for the Snow Ski, Snowboard, Off-road, Military, and Law Enforcement markets.

We proudly manufacture and purchase all materials in the U.S.A.

Goggle Grip®
Goggle Grip®: Celebrating Our 10-Year Anniversary 2001-2011